Wheat and the Tares Parable


Matthew 13:24-30

Jesus says to the people that were gathered around Him, “A farmer planted a good seed in the soil.

While his workers are sleeping, the enemies come into the farmer’s field and sow the seeds of the tares among the wheat in the soil.

When the wheat grows up, the tares also grow up among the wheat.

The workers of the farmers said to the farmer, ‘Didn’t we planted good seed in the field? Where does all these tares come from? Who had sowed these tares in our field?’

He answered, ‘It must be an enemy that did this.’

They workers said, ‘Should we go and pull out the tares from among the wheat?’

But he said, ‘Don’t do that. Let the wheat and the tares both grow together until they are ready for harvest. Then you can pull out the tares from among the wheat and gather in the harvest of the wheat into my barn.’”

After the crowd had left Jesus, Jesus returned to the place he was staying with His disciples.

His disciples asked Him, “Can you explain to us the wheat and the tares parable?”

Jesus answered them, “The Son of Man is the farmer who sows good seeds in the world.

The field is the world.

The tares are the children of the devil.

The enemy who sows the seeds of the tares is the devil, Satan.

The reapers at the time of the harvest are the angels.

During the end time, the angel will throw the people who practice paganism and lawlessness into the furnace of the fire in hell where there will only be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But the righteous will be saved and shine like the sun in the kingdom of heaven.”

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