Story of the Mustard Seed



Matthew 13:31-32 & Matthew 21:21-22

The crowd gathered around Jesus and Jesus told them the story of the mustard seed.

Jesus said,” One day a man sowed a mustard seed in his garden along with other herbs plants.

The mustard seed is the smallest seed of all the seeds the man sown in the garden.

But when the mustard seed grew up, it grew to be the biggest tree in the garden.

It can provide shades for people. All kinds of birds flew into the boughs of the mustard tree to make its nests there so that they could make their home in the tree. ”

Jesus continued saying, “If you have faith as small as mustard seed, you can tell this mountain to move from here to there and be thrown into the sea and the mountain will move from here to there and cast itself into the sea. Have faith in God. Nothing is impossible when you believe.”

Jesus was telling us that we don’t have to understand everything God said to put our trust in Him.

From the little bit of understanding, God will help us to grow and grow so that we can know God more and more and our faith will grow up as well just like the mustard tree that have grown to be the biggest tree in the garden.

The more we know about Jesus, the more we will grow to be just like Jesus.


  1. I thought that this story told by this little girl was very right and cute as well. And yes sometimes us human beings on this earth can’t always understand ceratin things that go on. But we must but all our faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ and everything will be alright just keep the faith alive and do the best you can give it up to the lord and see what micales happen for you my dears always have faith and keep it alive that’s what I believe in and also keep that smile on your face one half a secaount at a time sometimes that’s all we can do and be with god in your hearts of hearts and soul. God bless you all thanks.

    Kimberly Rizzo

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