Wedding Banquet Parable



Jesus told the crowd and His disciples a wedding banquet parable.

Jesus said, “A king’s son is getting married. The king wants to hold a wedding banquet for his son so he sent his servants to call people who are invited by him to come to his son’s wedding banquet.

But they are busy with their own things and don’t want to go to the king’s son’s wedding banquet.

The king sent out the servants again to say the people whom he had invited, ‘I have already prepare the dinner for the wedding banquet. The choicest cattle are slaughtered and everything is ready. Please come and attend the wedding banquet.’

The servants did as the king told them but those who are invited don’t appreciate the king.

They were very irritated by the servants so they abuse the servants and murder them.

The king heard how the wedding guests he invited treated his servants. His anger aroused and he sent his armies to kill the murderers and bring the city down to ashes.

Then he sent his servants to get the common people who are in the streets to come to his son’s wedding banquet.

The servants did as the king told them.

They went into the streets and get as many people as possible to attend the king’s son’s wedding banquet. The people invited have good and bad.

When the king is at the wedding banquet, he saw some guests who is not wearing a wedding garment.

The king said the guests who did not put own a wedding garment, ’Why didn’t you wear a wedding garment to the wedding banquet?’ They couldn’t answer the king.

Then the king says to his servants,’ Tie them up and throw them into a place where there will always be crying and gnashing of teeth.’”

Jesus continued saying, “Many people are called to believe in Him, but only few will choose to believe in Him and receive salvation.”

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