The Swallow and the Other Birds

One day, a farmer was busy sowing some hemp seeds. The birds saw the hemp seeds and they began to peck the hemp seeds up for food.

When the swallow sees this, it advised the other birds, “Be careful of that farmer who is sowing the seeds.”

The birds asked, “Why? What is the matter?”

The swallow answered, “The seeds that the farmer is sowing is hemp seed. Make sure you peck up every single one of the seed or you will regret it.”

The birds did not pay attention to what the swallows said. The hemp seeds that were not eaten by the birds grew up to become a hemp plant. The farmer used the hemp plant to make cords and then nets. Then he uses the nets to trap the birds.

The birds that were caught regretted that they didn’t listen to the advice of swallow.

You must destroy the evil seed in you, or it will be your downfall.

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