The Princess and the Pea

Many years ago, there was a prince who wants to marry a real princess. The prince is so desperate that he travels all around the world to find the real princess. The prince did meet with plenty of princesses but he couldn’t decide if they are real princesses.

Finally, the prince returned to his own kingdom feeling very miserable because he wanted so much to have a real princess as his wife.

One night, there was a very big storm. It thundered and lighting and there was a heavy rain. All of a sudden, someone knocks on the door loudly.

The old king went to open the door. To his surprise, he saw a beautiful princess standing outside with water trickling down his hair and all her clothes are all drenched. The princess says that she is a real princess.

The Queen mother says to herself, “Ah! We shall soon see if she is a real princess!”

The Queen mother walked into the bedroom prepared for the princess quietly.

She removes all the bed sheets and mattresses of the bed. Then she put three tiny peas on the bedstead. She puts twenty mattresses on the bed and then another twenty feather beds over the mattresses. The princess is to sleep on this bed.

The next day, when the princess wakes up, the Queen mother asks her, “Did you sleep well last night?”

The princess replied, “I don’t know what is in the bed that I sleep. I feel something hard under the mattress and it made all over my body bruised.”

Now the lady must be a princess because only a real princess is able to feel the three little peas even through twenty mattresses and twenty feather beds.

The prince is so happy that she had found the real princess and he married her.

The three peas are kept at the cabinet of curiosities and you can see it in the museum. Isn’t it that this lady is so gentle?

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