The Lamb and the Wolf


One day, the big bad wolf is drinking water at the stream near the mountain. When the big bad wolf lifts its head up, it sees a fat lamb is also drinking water further down the stream where he is.

The big bad wolf felt hungry and it thought to himself, “Today I could eat the fat lamb for my supper. All I have to do is to tell the fat lamb an excuse so that I can catch it.”

The big bad wolf says to the fat lamb, “How dare you soil the water from which I am drinking?”

The fat lamb answered, “I couldn’t have soil the water that you are drinking because you are standing on the upper side of the stream from which the water is flowing down to me.”

The big bad wolf says, “Why did you talk bad thing about me last year?”

The fat lamb answered, “How can it be? I was born 6 months ago.”

The big bad wolf snarled, “I don’t care! If you didn’t slander me last year, then it must be your mother.”

With that excuse, the big bad wolf dashed upon the fat lamb and ate her up.

Bad people always find excuse to do bad things.

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