Ten Commandments for Kids

FlashAudioWizardAfter the Israelites camped at Rephidim, they moved to the Desert of Sinai.

God said to Moses, “I will come down on the Sinai Mountain in a thick cloud so that the people can witness me speaking to you. Tell the people of Israel that they must be consecrated and have their clothes washed. Put barrier around the mountain so that no one will touch the mountain and get killed. ”

Three days later, there was a thick could over the mountain. A loud trumpet blast is heard. It grew louder and louder and the mountain shake violently.

The Sinai Mountain was covered with smoke and the Lord’s presence was there. Then Moses poke and God answered him.

And God spoke the Ten Commandments in the presence of the Israelites and Moses.

“I am the Lord, your God that delivered you from your slavery and bring you out of Egypt.”

“You cannot have any Gods except Me.”

“You cannot make any God in the form of anything in this earth. You cannot bow down to any Gods except Me because I am a jealous God.”

“You cannot use my name to give false testimony. If you do this, God will punish you.”

“You must honor your father and mother. So that God will let you have longer life.”

“You cannot kill people.”

“You cannot be unfaithful to your wife.”

“You cannot steal.”

“You cannot tell lies.”

“You cannot envy what others had and be jealous about it.”

When the Israelites saw the thunder and smoke, they were trembling with fear.

They said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will obey you. But don’t let God speak to us because we don’t want to die. ”

Then the people stand at a distance and Moses stand at where God was and spoke to Him.

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