Story of Samson and Delilah

It happened that Samson fell in love with a woman called Delilah.

The Lords of the Philistines said to Delilah, “Find out how Samson is so strong so that we can tie him up and torture him. If you help us, we will give you 1000 pieces of silver.”

So Delilah bugged Samson day and night, asking him question on what makes him so strong.

Samson said to her, “Tie me up with seven bowstrings that are not yet dried and I will be as weak as anyone.”

The Philistine Lords brought seven bowstrings to Delilah. Delilah tied Samson with the seven bowstrings.

Then she shouted, “Samson, the Philistines are here to attack you,” Samson broke the seven bowstrings as a strand of yarn that touches fire.

Delilah begged Samson to tell her the secret of his strength. And Samson said, “Tie me up with new ropes and I will be as weak as anyone.”

So Delilah bound Samson with new ropes and shouted, “Samson, the Philistines are here to attack you.” Samson broke the ropes off his arms like a thread.

Delilah was not satisfied that Samson had not yet gives her the answer so she began to bug Samson.

Samson said, “If you weave the seven locks of my hair into a loom, I will be as weak as any man.”

So Delilah weaved Samson’s hair tightly into a loom. Then she shouted, “Samson, the Philistines are here to kill you.” Samson awoke and pulled his hair away from the loom.

Delilah said to Samson, “You had lied to me three times. How can you say, ’I love you’ and still tell lies to me. Tell me the truth. What really makes you so strong?”

Samson was very frustrated because Delilah kept on bugging him. Finally, Samson gave in and told her, “My hair cannot be shaved. If the hair on my head is shaved, the strength of the Lord will depart from me.”

Delilah lulled a lullaby and made Samson fell asleep on her legs.

After Samson had fallen asleep, Delilah shaves the hair off Samson. Delilah shouted again, “Samson, the Philistines are here to kill you.”

Samson woke up but the strength of God was not with him anymore. The Philistines bound Samson, and took out his eyes.

They made Samson grind the grains. Samson’s hair began to grow again.

One day, the Philistines held a feast to celebrate the Philistine God Dagon.

They sent for Samson to be brought out to entertain them. Samson was standing near a column.

There was a young man nearby and Samson said to him, “Help me to feel the two pillars of the temple.” The young men helped Samson.

Samson prayed to God, “O, Lord, strengthen me. Please let me take a last revenge for my two eyes and die with the Philistines.”

Samson took hold of the two large pillars that supported the temple, and pushed it down. The whole temple collapsed and everyone in it died.

Samson killed more people through the collapse of the temple than during his life time.

Samson was buried in the tomb of his father.

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