Story of Judging



Jesus was teaching to the crowd that gathered around him.

Jesus said, “Don’t judge anyone so that you will not be judged by other people. This is because whatever judgment you brought against people, you will be judged back the same way.”

Jesus continued, “Don’t say to your brother, ’Let me help you to remove the speck of wood in your eye’. You hypocrite! First remove the big plank in your eyes and then you will be able to see clearly to remove the speck of wood that is in your brother’s eye.”

Jesus is telling us that we should not always tend to point out the faults of other people. We should look at ourselves and we will find that we are sinners too.

Therefore do not judge anyone because people may use your weak point and make the judgment back at you.

We should not judge people with the same sin that we accept and practice every day.

We should first look into ourselves and correct all the sins in us, then we will have the power to rightly make judgment on other people’s faults and help them.

Through this story, Jesus also is telling us to love our neighbors with charity. God wants us to live a life of genuine charity towards our neighbors.

We must express our affection and charity towards our neighbors sincerely and not just always wanting to point out their faults.

Jesus wants us to show sincere good will to our neighbors.


  1. har dafe ke inja ro mikhonam, che ghmagin neveshte bashin o che shad, az khoondane neveshtehatoon lezzat mibaram ! yade on dafe oftadam ke injaro baste bodin khoobe ke bargashtin,dige neveshteye khoob inja kam peyda mishe:-)

    • Thanks for stopping by, and the comment. Sorry I don’t recognize the language otherwise I’d translate it, and reply specifically to your comments.

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