The Story of Lazarus and the Rich Man



Luke 16:19-31

One day, Jesus decided to tell the people a story of Lazarus and the rich man.

Jesus said, “There was once a very rich man. The rich man dressed elegantly and luxuriously in purple clothes every day. The rich man has a lot of food to eat every day.

There was a beggar called Lazarus. Lazarus couldn’t walk and he was laid at his gate every day.

Lazarus has many sores on his body and the dog always comes to lick his wounds.

Lazarus would be so happy if he can eat the leftovers that dropped from the rich man’s table.

One day both the rich man and the beggar, Lazarus died.

The angel carries Lazarus up to heaven to Abraham’s bosom whereas the rich man goes straight into hell and was burned in the ferocious flames.

The rich man who is being tortured in hell says to Abraham, “Father Abraham, please put the tip of your finger in the water and then touch my tongue so that I won’t feel so hot.”

Abraham answered, “I cannot do that because there is a chasm between heaven and hell. The people in hell cannot come into heaven. Neither can the people in heaven come into hell.”

Then the rich man says to Abraham, “I have five brothers who are pagan and not a believer. Please send Lazarus to them so that they will believe.”

But Abraham says to him, “There are so many people who can preach to them.”

The rich man says, “But if someone who is raised from the dead goes to them, they will surely believe.”

Abraham says, “If they do not believe what Moses and the prophets say, then even if a man who has risen from the dead persuades them, they will still not believe.”

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