The Story of John the Baptist



Luke 11:14-23

King Herod had put John the Baptist into a prison because John, the Baptist said to Him, “You cannot take Herodias, your brother’s wife and marry her.”

After John said this, Herodias wanted to kill him but she was afraid because King Herod sided with John.

King Herod feared John and protected him because John is a holy and righteous man.

It came to pass that it was the birthday of Herodias and Herodias performed a dance before King Herod.

Herodias’ dancing pleased King Herod so much that King Herod decided to give Herodias whatever she asks of him. King Herod swore that he will give Herodias up to half of his kingdom.

Herodias went to her mother and asked, “What shall I ask King Herod to give me?”

Herodias’ mother replied, “Go and tell King Herod to give you the head of John, the Baptist on a platter.”

Herodias immediately came up to King Herod and said to him, “Give me the head of John, the Baptist on a platter.”

King Herod felt sorry for John, the Baptist but he had sworn to Herodias before the people so he cannot take back his word.

King Herod sent his executioner and commanded him to behead John the Baptist and bring it on a platter to Herodias.

The executioner did as King Herod commanded and brought the head of John, the Baptist on a platter to Herodias.

When John’s disciples heard about it, they came to carry away his corpse and buried him in a tomb.

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