The Shrewd Manager Parable



Luke 16:1-13

Jesus told his disciples a parable about the shrewd manager.

Jesus said to His disciples, “There was a shrewd manager who has a servant. Sometime later, someone reported to the shrewd manager that the servant is wasting his goods. So he called in the servant.

He said to him,’ Is the report I heard about you true?’

The servant said to himself, ‘What can I do now? My master is going to fire me. I cannot dig a hole and hide myself. I cannot beg. I know what I will do. After my master fire me, the people will accept me into their houses.’

So his master fired him, he started to call in every one of his master’s debtors.

The shrewd manager says to one debtor,’ How much oil do you owe my master?’

He answered, “One hundred measures of oils.”

The shrewd manager says,’ You only have to pay back 50 gallons of oil now.’

Then the shrewd manager say to another debtor,’ How much you owe my master?’

The person replied,’ One hundred measures of wheat.’ The shrewd manager says to him,’ You only have to pay back eighty measure of wheat now’.

When the master find out about it, he condemns the shrewd manager. The people in this world are shrewd than the children of light.

Whoever can be trusted with worldly wealth, he can also be trusted with true riches? If you are shrewd in dealing with someone else’ property, who will give you their property?

No servant can serve and be loyal to two masters. No one can serve God and money at the same time.”

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