Parable of the Rich Young Man



Matthew 19:16-26

Jesus was walking along the road when a rich young man came running to Him.

The rich young man said, “Good teacher, what should I do in order to inherit the kingdom of God?”

Jesus answered, “Why did you say I am good. Only God is good. You know God’s commandments, ‘Be faithful to your wife’,’ Do not kill’, Do not misuse God’s name to bear false witness’, ‘Don’t steal’, and ‘Honor your father and mother’.”

The rich young man said, “Teacher, I had obeyed these commandments since I was a small boy.”

Jesus looked at the rich young man and He loved him.

Jesus said, “Sell all your possessions away and take the money and give them all to the poor as charity. Then, take up your cross and come and follow Me.”

When the rich young man heard Jesus said that he has to give away all his money to the poor to follow Jesus, his countenance immediately becomes sad and he went away.

Then Jesus spoke to His disciples, “How hard is it for the rich to get into heaven? Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through a needle than the people who put their trust in the riches of the world rather than God’s kingdom.”

And the disciples said, “Who then is qualified to inherit eternal life?”
Jesus answered, “With God, everything is possible.”

The Peter said, “See, we have left everything to follow you.”

Jesus said, “Anyone who had left his wife, brothers, or sisters, mother or father to follow Me and anyone who were persecuted and offended because of me will receive their reward in one hundred fold. The first will be the last and the last will be the first”.

Jesus is telling us that if we put our spiritual live first, he will bless us. We should surrender all our wealth to Jesus and put Jesus first instead of money.

There is nothing wrong with being rich but money holds us back from giving ourselves more to Jesus.

There are Godly men in the Bible like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David that are very wealthy. We cannot focus ourselves to serve God when we put money first in our lives.

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