Palm Sunday Bible Story


Palm Sunday Bible Story

When Jesus had come near to the city of Bethpage and Bethany and was at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent His disciples into the city.

Jesus said to His disciples, “Go into the village and you will find a donkey with its colt of which no one had sat on them before. Untie the donkey and its colt and bring them to me. If anyone ask you why you are untying the donkey, tell them,’The Lord needs it.’ and they will quickly bring the donkey and its colt here.”
The disciples did as Jesus commanded them. They entered the village and found a donkey along with its colt which had never been sat before. The disciples loosen and untied the donkey and the colt.

Someone asked them, “Why are you untying the donkey and the colt?”

The disciples replied, “The Lord needs it.” So the people let them take the donkey and the colt to Jesus.
After the disciples had brought the donkey and its colt, they lay their clothes on the donkey so that Jesus could sit on it.

Others had cut down leafy branches and lay them down on the road for Jesus.
As Jesus was entering Jerusalem, the crowd that went before Jesus said, “Hosanna in the Highest to the Lord, the son of David! Blessed is the kingdom of God that comes in the name of the Lord!”
Jesus went into the temple and looked around. Then he retreated to Bethany with His twelve disciples.

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