Old Testament Bible Stories

When Abraham was 75 years old, God told him to leave his home country to the Promised Land. Abraham obeyed God and departed with his wife Sarah.

Abraham also took his nephew, Lot along with him. They arrived at the land of Canaan and settled down at Shechem.

It happened that there was a famine and Abraham decided to move to Egypt because there was plenty of food in Egypt.

Abraham told his wife, Sarah, “Please don’t let anyone know that you are my wife. You are so beautiful. The Egyptians will kill me to have you. Just tell them you are my sister.” And Sarah promised to do Abraham this favor.

When Abraham and Sarah enter Egypt, the princes of Egypt saw that Sarah is a very beautiful woman. And so Sarah was commanded to Pharaoh. Because of Sarah’s sake, pharaoh treated Abraham very well.

Pharaoh gave him ox; sheep, donkey as well as servants and Abraham became very rich.

The Lord is not pleased with pharaoh having Sarah and caused plagues to pharaoh and his household.

Pharaoh commanded Abraham, saying, “Why didn’t you tell me that Sarah is your wife but you told me she is your sister instead. Now take her away and leave.”

So Abraham took everything with him, including the ox, sheep, donkey, silver and gold and departed from Egypt with his wife and nephew Lot. Lot was also rich with his own flocks, and herdsmen.

Abraham went up from Egypt and traveled towards the South. Abraham finally stopped at Bethel and set up his tents there.

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