FlashAudioWizardWhen the Israelites were traveling from Mount Hor to the country of Edom through the way of the Red Sea, they become upset because there is no food and water to drink.

Then the Israelites complained to Moses that they are fed up with the Manna that God provided them as food.

The people came to Moses, and said, “Did you take us out of Egypt so that we can die of hunger and thirst in the desert? There is no food and no water that can be found in this desert. We are sick of the waterless bread manna that we eat every day. ”

The Lord God is so angry that he made the poisonous snakes to come out in the desert and bite them.

Many Israelites were bitten by the snakes and died. Some of the Israelites survived the poisonous snake bite.

The Israelites regretted about their complaints to God and they begged Moses to pray to God to make the snakes go away from them.

The Lord God said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent with bronze and put it on a pole. Then let everyone who is bitten by the poisonous to see the bronze snake so that they will be healed from the poisonous snake bite.”

Moses obeyed the Lord. He made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole.

The Israelites that were ill because of the bites from the poisonous snake took a look at the bronze snake and they were all restored to health.

Moses named the bronze snake Nehushtan.

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