King Solomon Bible Story


1 Kings 3

One day, two women brought their cases to King Solomon.

The first woman said to King Solomon, “Your Majesty, I live with this woman in the same house.

Not long ago, I gave birth to a son. After three days, the other woman also gives birth to a son.

One night, while we are both sleeping, the other woman rolled over on her bed. She pressed on her son and he died.

When she woke up, she found out her son is dead. So she took my baby and put him next to her on the bed; but she put her dead baby next to me.”

The other woman yelled, “The dead baby is hers!”

The first women quarreled back, “The baby that is alive is mine;The dead baby belong to her!”

The two women quarreled back and forth.

Then King Solomon ordered his servant, “Bring a sword!”

The servant brought a sword in. King Solomon said, “Take the sword and cut the baby in half so that both of you can have part of the baby!”

The first woman said, “Your Majesty, please don’t cut the baby in half. I would rather give the baby to the other woman than him dead. Just give the baby to the other woman.”

The second woman said, “Your Majesty, just cut the baby into half so that neither of us will have the baby.”

King Solomon said, “Give the baby back to the first woman!”

When the people heard how King Solomon had judge the case, they praised King Solomon for the wisdom that God gave him.

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