Kids Bible Story of Moses

FlashAudioWizardNow the old Pharaoh who knows Joseph passed away and he was succeeded by a new king. The new king of Egypt did not know anything about Joseph.

One day, the new Pharaoh said to his people, “See how the people of Israel are growing. They are much stronger than us. Let us put them into slavery lest they will help our enemies and attack us.”

Therefore, Pharaoh set the slave masters over the Hebrews and gave them heavy burden.

The Hebrews built the two supply cities of Pithom and Rameses for Egypt.

The Egyptians tortured the Hebrews and made their life very bitter with hard bondage.

Then the king of Egypt said to the midwives called Shiphrah and Puah,”When you deliver a baby and see that it is a boy, kill him. If the newborn baby is a girl, you should let her live.”

The midwives feared God, so they did not listen to Pharaoh and kill the babies.

When Pharaoh saw that the midwives did not do what he commanded, he called them in.

Pharaoh said, “Why you did not kill the male babies just like I commanded?”

The midwives replied,” This is because the Hebrew women are vigorous compare to the Egyptian women. They gave birth to their babies before we arrived.”

God saw that the midwives fear Him, and He gave them a family of their own.

So Pharaoh gave a command that every Hebrew boy baby should be cast into the Nile River.

At that time, there was a man called Levi and his wife. Levi’s wife was pregnant and gave birth to a handsome baby boy called Moses. She did not want her son, Moses to be thrown into the river.

So she put Moses into an ark made of bulrushes which is dipped with asphalt and pitch and put it in the reeds by the river bank.

The daughter of Pharaoh was bathing in the river and she saw the ark with Moses.

So she sent her maid servant to get the ark for her.

She opened it and found Moses inside. She sympathized with Moses because she knows he is one of the Hebrew’s children.

Moses’ sister was watching all the while behind the reed.

When she saw Pharaoh’s daughter accepted the baby, she come out and ask her, “Should I get the baby’s mother to nurse him?”

And Pharaoh’s daughter said, “Yes.” And Moses’ mother nursed him.

When the child grew up, he was brought to Pharaoh’s daughter.

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