Job Bible Story

There was a man whose name is called Job in Uz. Job is the richest man in the East. Job had seven sons and seven daughters.

Job had 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 ox, 500 donkeys, and many servants.

Job’s sons always have parties at home. When they have party at their house, they would invite their sisters.

Then in the morning, Job would send them to perform a ceremony so that God will forgive them any sins that they had committed while at the party.

One day, the angels come together before God. Satan was there with them.

God asked Satan, “Satan, where have you been?”

Satan answered, “I have been roaming around the earth.”

God asked Satan. “What do you think of Job?”

Satan answered, “Of course he still put his faith in you. You keep protecting him and his family. You let him succeed in all that he do and his livestock can be seen everywhere. Take away everything that he has and he will curse you.”

God said, “Satan, you can do anything to Job but don’t harm Job.”
Then, Satan left God’s presence.

Job’s sons and daughters were having party at the house of their eldest brother when a servant ran up to Job and said, “A gang of Sabeans had stolen your oxen and donkeys while your servants are plowing the field.”

A second servant rushed up to Job and said, “God sent down fire and it has burn away all the sheep and servants.”

Before the second servant finished speaking, a third servant dashed up to Job, saying, “Three gangs of Chaldeans had stolen all your camels. All your servants are dead except me.”

The servant is still speaking, when a fourth servant came running up to Job, saying, “Your children were having party at the house when a windstorm came destroy the house and everything in it. I am the only one that escaped alive.”

Job felt very sad that he had lost everything he has. Nevertheless, Job didn’t sin against God by cursing Him.

The angels come together before God again and Satan was there with them.

God asked Satan, “Satan, where have you been?”

Satan answered, “I have been roaming around the earth.”

God said to Satan, “Satan, what do you think about my servant, Job?”

Satan answered, “People will do anything to stay alive. Try taking away Job’s health and he will curse you to your face.”

God said to Satan, “All right! Go and make Job suffer as much as you want but you cannot take away his life.”

Satan left the presence of God and caused painful sores to break out everywhere on Job’s body.

While Job was scratching his sores with a broken pottery, Job’s wife said to him, “Why do you still trust God? Why don’t you curse Him!”

Job answered, “Don’t talk nonsense! If we accept God’s blessing, we also have to accept problems.”

While Job was facing these problems, his three friends came to visit him.

Job’s friends argued with him back and forth that God must be punishing him so that all these calamities have befallen on him.

Finally, Job’s friends gave up arguing with him. Job realize that human don’t have the answers to the question in life.

Job swore that he is innocent and never commit any sin that all these calamities had befallen on him.

Job asked God why does all these bad things are happening to him. God did appear to Job but he didn’t explain to him why he was suffering from all these things.

God showed Job that there are many things that human cannot understand; only God understands.

God criticized Job for talking so much when he knows so little.  But God also said that Job is His faithful servant even though after he had loses everything including his health.

Job didn’t curse God even though he loses his children, properties and health. In the end, God blessed Job by doubling what he used to have. God gave Job 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 ox, and 1,000 donkeys.

Job also has another 7 sons and 3 daughters. Job’s daughter were the most beautiful women In the East. Job lived to 140 years old and he saw his great grandchildren before he died.

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