Jethro in the Bible

FlashAudioWizardJethro, Moses’ father in law heard about all the miracles that God had performed through Moses.

One day, Jethro brought Zipporah, Moses’ wife, and Moses’ two sons to visit Moses at Rephidim.

Moses’ firstborn son is called Gershom and his second son is called Eliezer.

When Moses saw Jethro, he bowed down and kissed him.

Moses told Jethro the miracles that the Lord had performed against Pharaoh and Egypt and how the Lord had delivered them from the hardship that they had encountered.

The next day, Moses sat down to judge all the cases that are being brought in front of him.

When Jethro saw this, he said to Moses, “Why do you judge the people alone and all the people have to stand before you from morning until evening?”

Moses answered, “The people have problem and so they came to seek my guidance on God’s laws and statutes.”

Jethro replied, “This is no good for you. It will soon wear you and the crowd out. You should appoint a few able men that are faithful followers of God and teach them God’s laws and statutes and then let them be judges for the small cases. You should only handle the big cases. This will lighten your burden.”

Moses listened to what Jethro had said and he chose judges of thousands, judges of hundreds, judges of fifties and judges of tens.

They helped Moses to judge all the times. Moses will handle the hard cases but the judges will take care of the easy cases.

After this, Jethro went back to his home.

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