Jesus’ Resurrection Story



Matthew 27:57 – Matthew 28:8

On Saturday, which is the day before Sabbath, Sunday, the scribes and the Pharisees went to Pilate and said to him, “We remembered that Jesus said He will rose from the dead on the third day. Therefore, please send guards to Jesus’ tomb to make sure that it is sealed.”

Pilate answered, “You have my permission. Go and make the tomb as secure as you want and set guards over it.”

So the scribes and the Pharisees sealed the stones on the tomb of Jesus and set guards over the tomb to guard it.

On Monday morning, Jesus’ mother, Mary and Mary Magdalene, brought some spices with them to Jesus’ tomb to embalm His body.

When they arrived at the tomb, a violent earthquake shook the earth.

An angel with a lightning countenance and wearing shinning white clothes appeared.

When the guards saw the angel, they were shaking and very frightened like a dead person.

The angel said to Jesus’ mother, Mary and Mary Magdalene, “I know that you are looking for Jesus. Jesus is not here. He is resurrected from the dead. See, the tomb where Jesus’ body is laid is empty. Now, go and tell His disciples that Jesus is resurrected from the dead and that He had went ahead before all of you to Galilee.”

Jesus’ mother, Mary and Mary Magdalene were very frightened yet very happy.

They went out immediately from the angel’s presence and told His disciples the good news that Jesus had been resurrected from the dead.

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