Jesus Heals Demon Possessed Man



Luke 8: 26 – 39

One time, Jesus and his disciples crossed over the sea to a place called Gadarenes.

When Jesus came out of the boat, a man who is possessed by the demons met Him.

The demon possessed man lived in the tombs. The people bound him in chains but the demon in him pulled them apart and the shackles were broken into pieces.

Every day and night, he would cry out and cut himself with stones in the mountains.

When the demon possessed man saw Jesus, he ran to Him and said, “What do you want with me, SON OF MOST HIGH God. Please don’t torture me because my time has not come yet.”

Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit in the demon possessed man.

Jesus said, “Come out of him, you unclean spirit. What is your name?”

The man replied, “My name is Legion because there are many of us. I begged you. Please don’t send us out into the country. Please send us into the pigs who are feeding nearby.”

At that time, there was a large herd of pigs that were feeding near the mountains.

So Jesus gave a command that they be sent into the swine herd that were feeding nearby.

When the demons came out of the demon possessed man, they entered the pigs herd.

All of a sudden, the large herd of pigs rushed violently down the steep bank of the river and drowned.

Those who feed the pigs saw what had happened and told everyone in the city about it.

They saw the demon possessed man whom Jesus had healed and he appeared to be completely sane.

The people were afraid and they begged Jesus and His disciples to leave their city.

As Jesus and His disciples got into a boat, the man who was once possessed by the demon begged Jesus to let him follow Him. Jesus did not allow him.

Jesus said to the man, “Go back home and tell the people how God had compassion on you and healed you.”

The man left Jesus and gave testimony about what God had done for him throughout Decapolis.

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