Fox and the Crow


One day, the fox saw the crow fly pass by with a piece of meat in its beak. The crow came to rest on the bough of a tree.

The fox thought to himself, “I am going to get this piece of meat from the crow’s mouth.”

So the fox pretend to be polite to the crow. The fox says, “Good morning, Miss Crow. You look very beautiful today. Your feather is so black and glossy. Your eyes are so bright. Your voice is so beautiful that no other birds have an even more attractive voice than you. You are the Queen of Birds.”

The crow was touched and she open its mouth to caw her best. But the moment the crow open her mouth, the piece of meat dropped off from her mouth on the ground.

The fox quickly come up and snapped away the piece of meat. Then the fox went away happily.

Don’t listen to the advice of flatterers.

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