Elisha and the Widow


There once lived a poor widow who only has a son.

One day, the poor widow said to Elisha, “My husband used to be your follower. He was very poor and owed a person a lot of money. Now we don’t have any money to pay back the person.”

Elisha asked the poor widow, “What do you have?”

The poor widow answered, “All I have is a small bottle of olive oil at home.”

Elisha said, “Go and borrow some jars from your neighbor. Then fill the jars with the olive oil.”

The son of the poor widow brought the jars to his mother.

The poor widow filled up all the jars with the olive oil until there is no more jar anymore.

The poor widow said to her son, “Bring me another jar.”

The son of the poor widow replied, “There is no more jar left.” Then, the olive oil from the small bottle stopped flowing.

The poor widow went to Elisha and said to him, “We have filled up the jar with olive oil. What should I do now?”

Elisha answered, “Take the jars of olive oil and sell them so that you can get the money to pay back the money owed. You and your son can live on the left over money.”

The poor widow did as Elisha told her. She took the jars of olive oil and sold them.

From the money that she obtained from selling the olive oil, she pay back all the money owed to the person.

Then she and her son lived on the money that is left.

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