Bible Story of the Prodigal Son


Bible Story of the Prodigal Son

One day, Jesus tells a story to the crowd.
He said, “Once upon a time, there was a man who has two sons. The younger son said to his father,’ Father, please give me my inheritance now.’ So his father divided his possessions between his two sons.
The younger son accumulated all his possessions. Then he bade goodbye to his father and set out for a foreign country. When he reached the foreign country, he spent all his money until nothing is left.
At that time, there is a great famine in the foreign country. He has no money to buy food. So he went to work at a farm in which he was offered a job to feed the pigs at the field. He was very hungry. He would even eat the rotten foods that the pig eats.
Then he remembers how many of his father’s servants who are hungry and have food to eat now. So he quits his job. And he took a long journey and traveled back home.
When his father saw him, he ran and kissed his son. He said to his servant,’ Put a ring on my son’s hand and give him sandals to wear.’

Then he slaughtered a fat cow and holds a feast to celebrate the coming back of his son.
When his older son saw the feast and everything, he grew very jealous about it.

He said to his father,’ I work for you for so many years and you did not even slaughter fat cattle for me.’

But his father said to him,’ Son, don’t be angry. Your brother was lost and is found so we should celebrate and be happy over it.’

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