Bible Story of Jacob and Rachel

FlashAudioWizardJacob went on his way and he finally reached a place where the people of the East live.

Jacob saw a well and there were three sheep flocks lying beside it. The sheep had gathered around the well to drink water. But they can’t because there is a big and heavy stone on the well’s mouth.

Jacob asked the people there, “Where are you from?”

The people replied, “We come from Haran.”

Jacob said, “Do you know Laban?”

The people answered, “Yes. We know Laban and here comes his daughter, Rachel with the sheep. ”

Then Jacob said, “The sun is still high. It is not yet the time for the cattle to be gathered. Water the sheep first and then go and feed the sheep. ”

But they replied, “We will not roll the stones away from the mouth of the well until all the flocks had gathered here.”

While Jacob was still talking with the people, he saw Rachel coming with the sheep. Then he initiatively went to roll the stones away and water the sheep flock that comes along with Rachel.

Jacob kissed Rachel and cried aloud. Jacob told her that she is the son of his father’s sister, Rebecca.

Rachel ran to tell her father, Laban the news. Laban heard about Rebecca’s son Jacob and ran to greet Jacob. Laban hugged and kissed Jacob and welcomed him into his home.

Laban said to Jacob, “You are my bone and my flesh.” And Jacob stays with Laban for one month.

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