Apostle Paul in Greece



Acts 20:1 – 16

After the riot against Paul at Athens had ended, Paul departed for Macedonia.

Paul stayed there for three months and preached the Word of God in that region.

When the Jews make plan to kill Paul, Paul returned through Macedonia. After that, they sailed to Troas.

When everyone gather together to eat bread, Paul continued to preach to them until very late at midnight at the room upstairs.

Lots of lamps were lighted at the place where the disciples had assembled and Paul was preaching.

There was a young man named Eutychus who was sitting at the window sill.

While Paul was preaching to the people, Eutychus fell asleep and dropped down from the third story and died.

But Paul went down stairs and brought Eutychus back to life. The people were very happy that Paul saved Eutychus’ life.

When Paul came up; he ate some bread and continue to preach until dawn. Then he departed them.

At this time, Silas and Timothy wanted to sail to Assos but Paul told them that he wanted to walk to that place.

So Silas and Timothy sailed to Assos and Paul traveled there by foot.

When Paul arrives at Assos, he went onboard the ship with Silas and Timothy and sailed to Mitylene and then to Chios and Samos and finally they put up the night at Trogyllium for a while.

After that, they sailed to Miletus, rushing to Jerusalem as soon as possible so that Paul could be there at the Day of Pentecost.

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