Angel Gabriel Coming to Mary



Luke 1:26-38

A very long time ago, there was a woman named Mary. One day, the angel Gabriel came to visit Mary. He came to bring Mary good news.

When Mary saw angel Gabriel came to visit her, she was afraid.

The angel Gabriel said, “Do not be afraid. May God be with you. You will be pregnant with a son and He shall be called JESUS. He will be a great king and his kingdom will never end.”

Mary answered, “How can it be that I am pregnant? I am not married yet.”

The angel Gabriel said, “You will conceive a child through the Holy Spirit. Even your sister, Elizabeth is conceived with a son in the sixth month.”

Mary said, “I am the servant of God. May it be as you said.” Then the angel left Mary.

Before Mary gave birth to the baby, she was betrothed to a man called Joseph.

Joseph is a good man. He doesn’t want to expose Mary to public disgrace and he planned to call off the wedding.

One day, Joseph has a dream. In the dream, God said, “Don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife. Mary is pregnant with a son through the Holy Spirit. The name of the baby shall be called JESUS because He will wash away the sins of the people.”

After Joseph woke up, he went ahead to take Mary as his wife. Joseph did not lay with Mary until Mary gives birth to the baby. Joseph called the baby boy JESUS.

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