Ananias and Sapphira Bible Story



Acts 5:1-11

Ananias and Sapphira had sold a piece of their possession so that they could offer it to the Lord. But Ananias and Sapphira held back and kept part of the money they got from selling the possessions.

Ananias brought some of the money and came to lay it down before the apostles as an offering to the Lord.

But Peter said, “Ananias, why did you lie to the Holy Spirit? Why did you hold back some of the money from the possession you sold? You are not lying to men but to God.”

After Ananias heard Peter said these words, he fell down and died. The young men came and wrapped his body with a cloth. Then they carried him out and buried him.

After three hours, Ananias’ wife, Sapphira, who was not aware of what had happened to his husband, entered the place.

Peter asked Sapphira,”Tell me is this the price that you had sold the possession for?”

Sapphira answered, “Yes, this is the full price that the possession was sold for.”

Then Peter said, “How both you, and your husband test the Holy Spirit? See for yourself, the young men that carried your husband out from here to be buried are already here and they will carry you out too.”

Sapphira immediately fell down on the floor and died. The young men that came in found Sapphira was dead. They carried her out and buried her beside her husband, Ananias.

Fear came upon everyone at the church and all who had heard about it.

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