Aaron Bible Story

FlashAudioWizardOne day, God said to Moses, “Take a rod from each of the leader of the twelve tribes of Israel. Write down the name of each man on the rod. Write the name of Aaron on the rod from the tribe of Levi. The rod of the man that I had chosen will be budding with almond flowers so that I will get rid of all the complaints the Israelites have against you.”

Moses spoke to the people and got the rod from each leader of the twelve tribes of Israel. Aaron’s rod was among the twelve rods.

Moses wrote the name of the leader of the twelve tribes on their rod. Then he put the rod in the tabernacle of the Lord.

The next day, Moses went into the tabernacle of the Lord and he found that the rod of Aaron was budding with almond flowers with ripe almond fruits.

Moses gave back the rod to each leader of the twelve tribes.

Then God said to Moses, “Bring back Aaron’s rod and put it in the tabernacle of witness to be kept as a sign that I will entertain no more complaints against me or they will die.”

Moses did as the Lord told him and put Aaron’s rod in the tabernacle to serve as a sign that no more complaints will be brought up to the Lord or they will die.

So the Israelites say to one another, “Surely if we come near the tabernacle of the Lord, we will die.”

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