Jesus Feeds 5000 Story



After the disciples gathered to Jesus, they told him about what they had done and what they taught the people.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us retreat to a solitary place where we can have some rest for a while.” So they departed to the place with a boat by themselves.

But the people saw him, and when they found out that he was retreating to a solitary place with His disciples, they ran to the place and arrived there before Him.

When Jesus arrives, He saw the multitudes and had compassion on them. So Jesus began to teach the people many things until evening.

It was getting dark, and the people were with Jesus the whole day and haven’t eaten anything.

Jesus’ disciples said to Him, “Send the people away now so that they can go and buy some food for themselves.”

But Jesus answered, “It is too late now. You give them something to eat.”

Jesus’ disciples said, “Should we go and buy two hundred denarii of bread for the people?”

Jesus said, “Go and see how many loaves of bread you have.”

The disciples replied, “Master, we still have five loaves of bread and two small fishes left.”

Then Jesus made the people to sit down in rows of fifties and hundreds.

After Jesus took the bread and the fishes, He looked up into heaven and thank God. Then He gave them to the disciples.

His disciples then distribute the five loaves of bread and two small fishes among the people. So everyone ate and felt satisfied and there were leftovers.

Jesus said to His disciples, “Collect the leftovers and put them in baskets for nothing should be wasted.”

The disciples collected all the leftovers and it filled up twelve baskets.

The people who had eaten the loaves are 5000 not including the women and children.

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