The Fox and the Stork


Once, there lives a fox and a stork. The fox and the stork are friends and they always visit each other.

One day the fox invited the stork to his house to have a meal. The fox didn’t give the stork anything to eat but some soup in a very shallow dish.

The stork tries to drink the soup from the dish but it couldn’t. It could only wet the tip of its bill. At last, the stork went home as hungry as when he just came to the fox’s house to have a meal.

The fox says, “I am sorry that you don’t like the soup.”

The stork answered, “Please don’t feel sorry about that. Please come to my home and dine with me tomorrow.”

The next day, the fox pays the stork a visit. The stork decide to revenge on the fox by setting the fox’s meal in a very long necked jar.

The fox tries to put in his snout but he couldn’t drink the soup in the jar.

The stork says to the fox, “I am sorry that you do not like the dinner I have prepared for you.”

If you do something bad to someone, the person will also treat you back the same way.

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