Country Mouse and Town Mouse

FlashAudioWizardOnce upon a time, there lived a country mouse and a town mouse. One day, the town mouse decides to pay a visit to his cousin mouse that lives in the country side.

The country mouse welcomed the town mouse into his small but warm home underground. The country mouse is poor and rough but the town mouse is rich and polite. The country mouse have no special food to offer the town mouse but only beans, bacons and cheese.

The town mouse is very snobbish and he refused to eat the food that the country mouse offers him. The town mouse says, “How can you put off with such inferior food? Why don’t you come to my house in the town and I’ll show you the quality of life that I am living.”

The country mouse agreed to go with the town mouse to his home at the town. So the two mice set out and arrive at the town mouse’s house at night.

The town mouse says, “You must be very hungry now after a long journey. Come, I will take you to the dining room and you can eat all the delicious food there.”

The town mouse brought the country mouse into a large dining room. The dining room has a table set with all kinds of delicious food like roast chicken, jellies, cakes, and ham.

The town mouse and the country mouse climbed on the dining table and gorged themselves on all the food.

Suddenly, they heard dogs were barking at them. The country mouse asks, “What is that sound?” The town mouse says, “It is the dogs who stays in this house.” The country mouse replied, “What! I will have to go now.”

At that moment, the door flung open and two bulldogs came in and bark at them.

The country mouse and the town mouse were so scared they scamper down to escape from the dogs.

After that, the country mouse says, “Goodbye, cousin. I shall never come to visit you again.”

The town mouse says, “What! You are leaving so soon.”

The country mouse says, “I would rather have beans and bacon than roasted chicken and cakes in fear”

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